Planet Connect Internet

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Technical Support

Planet Connect offers technical support for our network via telephone on our main business line during regular business hours. When you call our main phone number, select option 1 for technical support. If your call is during normal business hours, you will reach our in-house staff. When the technician answers he will ask you to do some simple checks on your wireless equipment. If those checks determine what the problem is, you may be given instructions on how you can fix the issue yourself. For exmaple, a cable may not be making a good connection or your system may need to be re-booted. If we cannot determine what the problem is the technician will set up a service ticket, which may require a call to your location by a field technician. The field technician will contact you to schedule a service call appointment as soon as possible. (Fees may apply)

Please bear in mind that you are receiveing your service via electronic devices which occasionally fail. Your equipment comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer and will be re-installed and replaced by Planet Connect at no charge to you prior to the expiration of the warranty period. Equipment failure after the warranty period is subject to replacement equipment and service call charges. Equipment failure is beyond our control and is not be a reflection of the service provided by Planet Connect.