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About Us

The company started selling dial-up accounts in 1994 in Newport, Tennessee. The company grew rapidly and established dial up service in 20 counties of East Tennessee. The company then purchased an ISP in Johnson City, Tennessee. Then the company purchased another ISP in Knoxville, Tennessee. This purchase included a web site production company called Then the company acquired another ISP in Bristol, Tennessee called Third Wave Communications. With the rapid expansion of broadband services, the company started selling high speed wireless service in our territory.

Today the number of dial up costomers has decreased to a smaller number of subscribers, while the wireless service has grown to a much bigger number. In order to provide good customer service and rapid response to customer problems, the company has concentrated the wireless Internet service to 3 counties: Cocke, Jefferson, and Sevier countines. The company believes that working closely with their customers results in the best Internet service avaiable. To be the best ISP in the area, Planet Connect puts the customer first.